Counselling in Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Huddersfield & Wakefield
Counselling in Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Huddersfield & Wakefield

Individual Counselling

individual counselling

What can Counselling help with?

All of us in life have experienced times where we’ve found it difficult to cope, felt anxious or overwhelmed by negative thoughts or feelings or lacked confidence.  This could stem from things that have happened to us in childhood or a recent event; but sometimes we can’t explain why we feel as we do, we just do. Some people feel that you have to have ‘a reason’ to come to counselling however we firmly believe that if you feel counselling might help then that is reason enough.

As Counsellors we focus on how you are feeling now and how what’s brought you to counselling is affecting your life currently.  We won’t analyse, judge or tell you what you should do or how you should feel.  We won’t ask for detailed histories of your life, we won’t bombard you with questions and we certainly won’t tell you what you should do or how you should you feel.  You’re the expert on your own life; you’re the one living it after all

However Counselling is more than just a ‘chat’.  Your counsellor will work with you to help you:

  • Make sense of how you are feeling

  • Understand why you feel as you do

  • Understand how your thoughts, feeling and emotions are affecting you

Doing this can give you clarity as to what you need or want to do.

Counselling usually take place weekly or fortnightly and take place in a confidential space. All of us at Halcyon either have our own counselling room or rent a room from another therapist so you will feel comfortable and able to talk openly without interruption.

Locations offered: Bingley, Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Huddersfield and Wakefield
Cost: £40 to £50 per session depending on your location and counsellor. Contact Catherine, Ian, Kathy, Kristian or Mags to discuss our availability.