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Counselling in Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Huddersfield & Wakefield


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Painful tooth - visit the dentist, Painful mind - visit the...?

Many only seek counselling when their problems have become too much to bear. They may have been referred to a service through their GP or self referred to a counsellor in private practice. Either way it may be the final resort to get some help, as things have simply become unbearable. But what if counselling was the first-place people went, not when they were at their lowest ebb, but when they were aware something wasn’t quite right?

When we feel pain in our teeth, we visit the dentist to discover and heal the source of discomfort. The pain felt affects all aspects of our life, we struggle to eat, we are short tempered, sleeping can be hard and our concentration is non-existent. When this happens, we don't wait for things to get worse, we seek help to solve the problem.

So, when we feel pain in the soul why do we hold back from seeking the help of a professional counsellor? When those first pangs of unease rise to the top of our consciousness, why do we ignore what is hurting inside? Many mental health issues begin when life gets on top of us; we are unable to keep a sense of some control.

Here in the UK we seem to allow ourselves to carry on regardless, keeping a stiff upper lip. Unfortunately to the detriment of our emotional well-being. This also adds pressure to an already struggling NHS, dealing with mental health problems that have become more severe and therefore more difficult to treat.

Perhaps a new attitude is needed, one where we are more willing to seek support when we start to struggle with life’s problems? To engage in counselling at this point and not feel silly, or that we are over reacting when we feel low, stressed or confused. A more immediate response to our troubles to prevent life’s little dips turning into caverns of despair. Here at Halcyon Counselling we are happy to see you at those first niggling stages of distress, don’t wait for it to become something too heavy to carry.